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Hell Mouth Health Solutions is your all inclusive health service. We offer a vast range of information; suggestions, tips and products, all to make sure that you are as healthy as you can be. A working mother of 5 first established hell Mouth Health Solutions in 1985. With a family to run and a full time job to attend, sickness and illness didn't really have a place in her home! Time off school for the kids, meant time off work for her. Popping to the doctors in her lunch break, as we all know, meant long queues, over-ran appointments, and being late back to work. Not to mention the cost, prescriptions for children were fine, but for her insomnia and her husbands back pains it seemed as though she was forever paying to keep her and her family healthy.

One day she sat down and thought to herself 'how did mothers do it back in the day, before modern medicine? 'All this talk of wives tales and home remedies, maybe there’s actually some logic to it. She started to research and found that, although few and far between there was a lot of information out there about home cures, tips and tricks on how to become and remain healthy.  With a new and improved, healthy family, she soon had people talking. After endless questions of 'how do you do this?' and 'what do   you suggest for that?' she decided to start a blog. The blog turned into a website, and has since grown from strength to strength, to the national, one stop, comprehensive health service that it is today.


Here are just some of the services we offer:


1- Symptoms diagnoser

Our symptoms diagnoser allows you to input your symptoms, as well as your age, height, weight, occupation and current living location, and our clever system will process your details and give you a diagnosis of your health issue.


2 - Health issue descriptions

We have a vast wealth of information, kind of like an encyclopedia for medical issues. Once we have given you a diagnosis, or if you already know your health issue, you can search for it on our database and find out what it is, it's causes and it's symptoms. These also include health solutions, and will give you links to either our recipes, methods, tips and tricks, or to the contact details of the suitable type of healthcare professional that you should see in your area. 


3 - Recipes

We have a wide range of recipes for health care solutions, from scrubs to put on your rashes to concoctions to put in your tea to help with your sore throat.


4 - Tips and tricks

We have a load of tips and tricks to help with your health issues, from sleeping upright for a blocked nose, to midnight walks for restless legs. 


5 - Products

For those of you who haven't got the time or the resources to create the recipes yourself, we have an online store full of ingredients and ready made recipes that you can order.



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